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DLLY Bamboo Shades Outdoor,Reed Curtains for Windows,Blackout Roll Up Blinds High-End Custom,for Porches,Balconies,Terraces,Gardens,Waterproof,Dustproof,Weather-Resistant Blinds,140x160cm/55x63in

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  • ▲Material: Natural reed curtain, environmentally friendly and healthy, hand-woven, carefully designed, combining traditional and modern elements, retro and elegant, adding new meaning to your home life.
  • ▲Ventilation: This reed curtain is very suitable for your courtyard, terrace or decorative area. It allows the wind to pass smoothly and provides a shaded area. While protecting your privacy, it also brings you natural and fresh wind.
  • ▲Shading: Shading 70% of the sun, avoiding exposure of furniture and floors to strong sunlight, and saving heating/cooling costs, multi-functional applications, and high cost performance.
  • ▲Measurement method: outside, curtain width W=outside width + 10cm(4in), curtain height H=outside height+10cm(4in), inside, curtain width W=inside width-1cm(0.4in), curtain height H=inside height.
  • ▲Service: If you encounter installation or other problems, please email us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Achim Home Furnishings Vinyl Roll-Up Blind Cordless Solstice, 60" x 72", Woodtone

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  • Completely Cords Free, making it safe around children and pets; For Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Quarter Inch Vinyl Oval Slats
  • Softly Filters Light; Fully Washable
  • Easily Secured with Included Strap Fasteners
  • Inside or Outside Mount; Hardware and Instructions Included

Sunbox Cordless Outdoor Waterproof Roller Shades, Grey Blackout Roll up Window Blinds Windproof Outdoor Curtains, Privacy and UV Protection for Porch, Patio, Deck, Balcony, Pergola

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  • 1.OUTDOOR CORDLESS BLACKOUT ROLLER SHADES: Cordless outdoor waterproof roller shades are made of 100% polyester with SAME COLOR BACKSIDE coating. The cordless blinds keep privacy and UV Protection. Colorful and convenient window blinds give you the new looking. Mounting hardware is included and easily for installation. Flame-resistant and durable, ensure Years of Use. Cordless design safe for children and pets.
  • 2.MADE-TO-ORDER: We provide customer service free of charge and adjust the shade size according to window size and your request. We can customize window shade up to a 1/16th inch to make it fit your window better. Place the custom shade step by step as instruction, we will double confirm the details in 24 hours. Please note the width is for the total shade width including brackets, the fabric material width is 2 Inches less than the total shade width because of the hardware on each side.
  • 3.INSIDE MOUNT: Choose your WINDOW exact width and height when placing. It requires at least 2" as frame depth for inside mount. The factory will take off 1/4inch based on your window width as the shade width and keep the shade height as same as the window height so that you can install the window blind easily. For example, if window inside are 42.75"W by 51"H,choose 42"W, 3/4(width fraction) 54"H as order width and height, the shade you get will be 42.5"W (fabric will be 40.2"W) by 54"H.
  • 4.OUTSIDE MOUNT: Choose the FINAL SHADE width and height you want when placing the order. Shade width and height need 3 to 10 Inches larger than window size for better covering. Please add enough extra inches acoording to your window acutal condition by yourself. The size you ordered is the final size, the factory won't make any adjustments.
  • 5.SUPPORT: We are appreciated for the customers' exact measurement and correct orders. Any question of your Custom Window Shades, such as Wrong Size, Shipping Damaged, Missing Hardware, etc. We will work with you to solve your concerns. Feel free to contact us: (929) 390 5717

KDDFN Natural Bamboo Roller Blinds,Porch Patio Roll Up Shade,Sunshades Depot Exterior Roller Shade,Roman Window Curtain,Breathable,Handwoven,for Deck Pergola Gazebo (130150cm/5159in)

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  • *High quality: select natural and high-quality wild hollow reeds, uniform thickness, healthy and environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell, no chemical ingredients, hand-woven densely to give you a different touch.
  • *Features: Bamboo curtains will become more durable and not deformed with the use of time, strong air permeability, strong shading, strong UV resistance, semi-shielding, ventilating, and can absorb moisture and purify the air.
  • *Scope of application: It can be used as curtains, door curtains, background walls, ceilings, awnings, theme restaurants, bars, restaurants, tea houses, studios, gardens, sun rooms and other natural art decorations.
  • *Decorative style: idyllic retro elegant style, with the characteristics of natural scenery, full of personality, full of elegant taste, can bring you a clear and peaceful atmosphere, and provide you with a comfortable living environment.
  • *Easy to install: It can be installed indoors or outdoors, top-mounted and side-mounted. It is made of selected bamboo and can be easily installed in a few minutes, including all necessary accessories.

KDDFN Bamboo Roller Blinds Outdoor,Natural Bamboo Curtain Reed Curtain,Carbonization Roll-up Reed Shade,Retro Decoration,Breathable,Handwoven,Customizable,for Indoor,Outdoor (6090cm/2436in)

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  • *High-quality material: Bamboo shutters are hand-woven from the original environmentally friendly reeds, natural materials, safe and environmentally friendly, no smell, no chemical composition, durable, no deformation, and long service life.
  • *Retro decoration: The surface is stylish and retro brown, smooth and not thorny, bright in color, energy saving, environmental protection, creating a classic and elegant atmosphere without losing the natural scenery.
  • *Privacy protection: The shading rate of the slat curtain is 70%, which can resist ultraviolet rays. It also has good thermal insulation properties, can reduce the ambient temperature, and can provide you with a private space.
  • *How to use: When the reed curtain rolls, please pull the reed curtain to the first height you need, and then pull the rope on the right side to fix it. Closing: When placing slat curtains, please loosen or lower the left rope to the desired height, and then pull the right rope to fix it.
  • *Multi-scene applications: suitable for hotels, studies, solariums, houses, tea rooms, restaurants, balconies, partitions, exhibitions, shops, offices, corridors, bedroom decoration, ceiling decoration, other decorations, backgrounds, etc.

Patio Roll Up Shades Outdoor, Bamboo Roll Up Window Blinds, Thernal Insulated Shading Sunscreen Blind, Vintage Curtain, Privacy Screen, Easy to Put Up

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  • Material: Made of natural reeds, bringing a fresh and elegant natural atmosphere to your family, environmentally friendly, breathable, stylish and elegant.
  • Protect furniture: On hot summer days, it can effectively block direct sunlight, thereby protecting your furniture and floors from fading.
  • Filtering: Filter out part of the sunlight to prevent you from being damaged by sunlight. At the same time, you can see the sunlight through each gap. Reduce the calories at home.
  • Wide range of uses: teahouses, hotels, guesthouses, offices, restaurants, resorts, outdoor leisure places, etc. Can be used as a sunshade for gardens, carports, pavilions and courtyards.
  • Effective control of sunlight and wind in the room. It can be used indoors or outdoors, but do not expose to rain. Roll up and down smoothly to control the sunlight and wind in the room.

Jakooz Rollup Shower Curtain for Bathroom. Waterproof, 100% PEVA, Heavy Duty Shower Roller Blind Curtain for Bathtub. No rods, No Hooks, No Rings! (56"x95") (Sparkle)

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  • BRING LUXURE TO YOUR BATH! this shower roller blind is the smartest curtain to purchase. This 100% PEVA long bath liner securely rolls up to neatly hide in its thick aluminum base to ensure long lifespan, after use, allow shower curtain to air dry before rolling up to avoid unwanted formation..
  • DO IT IN STYLE! The decorative clear and clean 3-D design of this rollup curtain is sure to work with any bathroom decor! Becomes completely invisible to allow the style and tile of your room to remain the focus!
  • DESIGNED AND TESTED! to fit the standard 60'' bathtubs. Actual size 95''x56" inches. Curtain features a flexible, weighted bottom to securely keep it where you want it, shaped inside the tub, ensuring that no water escapes.
  • PRACTICAL BECOMES PRETTY! Achieve the richness of a glass shower door with this sleek and straight look! While enjoying your bath, or treating the kids to tub fun, no shower curtain will hang in your way.
  • NO ROD, NO HOOKS, NO RINGS, NO MESS! no other accessories needed! Ready to hang! guaranteed Satisfaction.. However, we’re here to help if you need us!

N / A Bamboo Wooden Roll Up Blinds, Window Sun Blade Privacy Drape 30 X 72 Inches

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  • ROLL-UP SHADE - This beautiful natural hued roll-up shade measures 30" W x 72" L and is both durable and long-lasting. These window coverings each have a unique texture that is impossible to duplicate. Since these shades are all natural, small gaps between each flat material are normal and help gently filter light for a unique, soft glow. Our shades can be easily installed and moved, making decorating your home a breeze!
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Using only the highest-quality bamboo, we aim to craft blinds and roll-up shades that will look beautiful, while providing your home with your desired amount of shade. With a number of different size and color options, you'll be able to find the perfect fit for any space in your home, office, or business. We work tirelessly to provide our customers with shades that can match any event or mood while being eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Made of carefully selected bamboo. Easily installed in minutes with all necessary hardware included. It can be used indoor or outdoor but DO NOT expose to rainwater. Smoothly roll up or down to control sun light and wind in your room
  • QUALITY MADE - Our goal is to make roll-up shades and blinds that not only look amazing but provide you with the best and longest-lasting use. We import and use materials from around the world to craft shades that can be easily installed and will remain in pristine condition under any circumstances and weather. Our blinds and shades will help reduce heat in your home and protect you from harmful sun rays for years to come.

Outdoor Reed Roller Shades,Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind for Porch Garden Kitchen Patio,Light Filtering Water Proof Sun Shade,Hand-Woven Blackout Curtains 24" W x 36" H 30" W x 72" H

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  • ▶Material: Reed curtains are hand-woven from 100% natural reed poles, not easy to deform, healthy and environmentally friendly, beautiful and practical, exquisite workmanship, uniform wiring, small gaps, amazing decorative effects and long service life; they can be used indoors or outdoors
  • ▶The reed has the characteristics of dust absorption, moisture absorption, air purification, temperature and humidity adjustment. It can block the sun (shading rate 70%), breathable, anti-ultraviolet, sun-proof, and ventilate, bringing you a beautiful and comfortable life.
  • ▶Installation type and measurement method: Our reed curtain is suitable for internal and external installation. You can choose indoor or outdoor installation. Before ordering, please be sure to check the following installation type and size information (please refer to the installation drawing). We will send installation attachments so that you can easily use them.
  • ▶Using the anti-breaking rope, it can be pulled out smoothly. The scope of application: hotels, tea rooms, pavilions, restaurants, kitchens, studios, balconies, partitions, roofs, art galleries, sunny flower rooms, bathrooms, offices, exhibition halls , Outdoor leisure places。
  • ▶Customization instructions: If your blinds are of standard size, you can order directly from our size list. If you can't find your size, please order the closest size, and then email your window size to us. No additional cost.

KDDFN Carbonization Natural Reed Curtain,Bamboo Roll up Window Blind,Shades Blind,Handwoven,Protection Privacy,Indoor/Outdoor Decoration (120140cm/4755in)

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  • *Decorative: Our bamboo shutters are carbonized brown, bright color, retro and elegant, creating a natural atmosphere, beautiful and simple appearance, and are ideal for perfect home decoration throughout the year.
  • *Safety and environmental protection: environmentally friendly original ecological hand-woven, through strict selection of materials, exquisitely made of eight complex crafts, no chemical ingredients are added, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly, natural materials will not cause any pollution to the environment.
  • *Privacy protection: The light will gently pass through the tightly woven bamboo curtains, providing semi-privacy and energy-saving insulation, ventilation and protection from sunlight, protecting eyesight and privacy.
  • *Easy to install: the installation method can be installed inside, outside, top, side, you can choose according to your actual situation, we will provide you with the best service and receive your customization.
  • * Wide range of applications: restaurants, theme hotels, living rooms, balconies, tea houses, farmhouses, photo studios, etc. It can also be used as an awning for gardens, pavilions and orchards.


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