How to wash curtains
How to wash curtains

How to wash Curtains

Washing the curtains

HOW TO WASH CURTAINS, Washing the curtains after removing them: The design of the metal curtains with successive slats leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust, so they must be washed and cleaned periodically in the following way:

  • Fill the bathtub (bathtub) with warm water, then apply an amount of detergent It is like washing liquid clothes.
  • Soak the curtains in the solution for 1-3 hours, as needed.
  • Check that all sides of the curtains are free from stains, and if there are some stains, they can be removed with a soft brush.
  • Rinse the curtains with cold water.
  • Hang the curtains in a place outside the sun to dry. Repeat this process once or twice a year.

Washing the hanging curtains: – HOW TO WASH CURTAINS

  • Open the metal curtain so that all slats are visible and completely non-contact.
  • Clean the curtain strips from dust by using the special curtain vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • Put 28 milliliters of antibacterial soap and 1.89 liter of lukewarm water in a large bowl. Soak a piece of cloth with the solution, then squeeze it.
  • Clean each slice of the curtain separately, bypassing the cloth from one end to the other and wiping the interlocking ends well at the end, taking care to rinse the cloth with a solution when it becomes dirty.
  • Dip another cloth in lukewarm water, then put a small amount of chlorine on it, and then squeeze it.
  • Lift the curtain up to release the entire drawstring, then rub the chain with a cloth, then pull it down, and leave it to dry.

Wash cloth curtains – HOW TO WASH CURTAINS

Washing hanging curtains: It is preferable to examine the instructions for cleaning the curtains, and if it is safe to expose them to steam, then a steam washing machine is used, and if that is not safe, the curtains can be sprayed with a solution consisting of a cup of vinegar with two cups of water to clean them.

Washing the curtains by washing machine or by hand:

  • Remove the curtains from the window, then get rid of the metal pieces for hanging them.
  • Read the instructions and instructions for cleaning the curtains, and follow the appropriate steps about cleaning them by hand or by using a washing machine.
  • Place the curtain flat on the floor and remove dust and dirt from it using its vacuum cleaner attachment, and if the curtain is thin, the dust can be removed from it by shaking it well outside.
  • Put one curtain in the washing machine and wash it with detergent and cold water, then remove it immediately; Lest it wrinkles. Washing curtains that need manual cleaning, such as wool, cotton, and delicate fabrics, by filling the basin with cold water and mixing it with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, then soaking one curtain in the solution for ten minutes, while moving the curtain during that, then filter the basin and refill it with clean water Rinse the curtain while moving it to get rid of the soap completely, and you can rinse again as needed.
  • Dry the curtain on low heat, [4] or hang it on the window or a clothesline if it was washed by hand, and it must be squeezed well before hanging it.

Washing wooden curtains – HOW TO WASH CURTAINS

Wooden curtains can be washed in the following way:

Washing plastic curtains – HOW TO WASH CURTAINS

Plastic curtains can be washed like bathroom curtains with a regular washing machine by following one of the following methods:

Baking soda:

  • Put half a cup of baking soda in the sink in the washing machine cycle.
  • Put half a cup of vinegar in the washing machine during the rinse cycle.
  • Take out the plastic curtain to dry on its own without putting it in the dryer.

Chlorine and cleaning fluid:

  • put the plastic curtain with two towels into the washing machine; Not to wrinkle while washing.
  • Put half a cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of laundry detergent and lukewarm water into the washing machine basin.
  • Run the wash cycle for several minutes. Dry the curtain on low heat for 10 minutes, then hang it to dry.

Baking soda and cleaning fluid: This method is useful for removing mold from curtains, which is:

  • Putting the plastic curtain with two towels in the washing machine.
  • Put half a cup of washing up liquid with half a cup of baking soda in the washing machine, and wash it with lukewarm water on a normal washing cycle.
  • Put a cup of white vinegar into the rinse cycle.
  • Take out the plastic curtain to dry on its own without putting it in the dryer.

Tips for cleaning curtains – HOW TO WASH CURTAINS

It is recommended to follow the following tips to keep the curtains clean:

  • Clean the curtains periodically with a dusting brush, a piece of cloth, or a special brush, and pass it over each sheet.
  • Remove stains from curtains made of wool, silk, or washable acetate.
  • By dipping a sponge with white vinegar and rubbing the stain with it several times, then drying the curtains with a dryer after setting it to a low temperature, and the vinegar is replaced with alcohol and the same method is followed for all types of other fabrics, and it is worth noting that a small and invisible area of ​​the curtains must be tested before removing the stain.
  • Of which; To monitor its interaction with the type and color of the fabric.
  • Clean the fabric curtains using the vacuum cleaner attachment periodically, passing them from top to bottom along the length of the curtains.
  • Wipe the wooden curtains with special polishing materials or natural materials such as lemon oil; To give it a superior shine, after completing the cleaning process.


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