Monday, June 14, 2021
Final result: 2:50 Materials list: 4:25 HometalkTV Host @Sarah Vanderkooy from Creative Ramblings walks you through the steps for this low-budget window ... source
I made very nice door curtain out of drinking straws. In this video you can see my tutorial. Such "beaded" door curtain is very bright - you may choose any color ... source
OPEN FOR MORE INFO ↓ Thumbs up and subscribe please! Hi there! Hope you enjoy today's video, showing how to make a simple curtain and ... source
Please support me by LIKING this video and subscribing to my channel if you wanna see more :) Today I'm finally sharing our first home together with you guys! source
One of favorite materials in the workshop is a drop cloth - it's a blank canvas that can be used for everything from protecting your floor when embarking on a paint ... source
In this video, I Created 3 DIY Canopy Ideas using net Curtains. There are 2 BOHO style Living Room makeover options, in which I used these Canopies and a ... source
11. Dress the Windows with Lace Curtains 12. Lace Decorated Recycled Water Bottles ... source
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Finish summer strong. Get ideas for custom beach bags, hats and towels, plus kids and adults alike won't be able to resist this beach slime DIY! Watch the ... source